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We ran a due diligence on the Client company and issued a legal opinion on the financing to be provided by the Kazakhstan Development Bank for a 50 MW wind power plant. The Project was a joint venture agreement between Zhel Electric LLP, Kazakhstan-China, and Universal Energy Ltd, China, deploying the plant construction in Kostanay, North Kazakhstan.

Universal Energy

50 MW Wind Power Station
The Team provided advice on the cross-border transactions, comparing two different legislations, Kazakhstan and Singapore. The Kazakhstan Development Bank provided financing to Zhel Electric while the Singapore-based partner acted as the guarantor. Unicase, in turn, structured the transaction and provided the legal opinion to the Development Bank.
The Project’s investments amounted to US$42.2 million (19 billion Kazakhstani Tenge), and the implementation commenced in 2019. The President of Kazakhstan declared the Project a significant contribution to the development of renewable energy in the region. The Project is included in the 55-significant-project list of "Key projects of China-Kazakhstan cooperation in capacity building“.
16 wind farms will be rolled out on 20 hectares of land in the Republic North, and the Zhel Electric Company runs the construction in the Zarechny district. Through modern technologies introduced to renewable energy sector in Kazakhstan, the Project enhances the regional and state-level energy potential, in the meantime contributing massively to the state tax revenues annually.
Impact & Outcome