Starting with structuring, through to audit and risk analysis, through to negotiation and fundraising, and ending up with the launch – we deliver all-embracing service for any Public-Private Partnership project across Central Asia. Long-term, sustainable operations are what we excel at. Here, our Clients rely on us in terms of legal due diligence, project feasibility researches, tender documents and contract drafting, legislation improvement, and fundraising.

PPP & Infrastructure

Foster Solutions, Attract Finance


  • PPP Projects Structuring
  • Government Support Measures Analysis
    & Possible Budget Payments
  • Concept Development & Feasibility Analysis
  • Consortia Creation & Company Design
  • Legal Risk Analysis
  • Loan Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Competitive Procedures Support
  • Independent Legal Assessment: Concession
  • Tender Documentation & Contract Drafting
  • Negotiation Support
  • Contract Execution Advise
  • Legislation Improvement
  • Debt Finance

Client Win I

The first win to share within the Infrastructure section would be the world’s fastest airport construction by the Guinness World Records. This Project is unique in its nature as the Client and Unicase Team - during the pandemic lockdowns - successfully implemented the first ever airport construction project in Kazakhstan based on the public-private partnership (PPP) model, with a total area of 905.3 hectares and the 10.5 thousand square metres terminal area. Investment in the airport amounts to some US$160 million (69 billion Kazakhstan Tenge). Turkistan International Airport welcomed its first scheduled flight on December 1, 2020. The significance of the airport went down in history as the first newly constructed airport facility from the day Kazakhstan got its independence.
Foster Solutions, Attract Finance
Client Win II
Another win to consider is BAKAD, a 66-kilometre bypass motorway around the Almaty city, Kazakhstan, the Project worth US$680-million. The Project has had a regional impact, and literally every Almaty dweller has their share of the win.

The motorway became one of the main city arteries, driving millions of units of transit traffic away from the city streets every day! BAKAD improved connectivity, unloaded already busy city streets, developed logistics, and brought in economic growth of the entire region. It also allowed for gender diversity promotion, whereby an increased number of women were engaged in construction, a traditionally manly industry in Kazakhstan.
Foster Solutions, Attract Finance
Client Win III
Next comes a 300-bed hospital in Almaty to provide up to 183,000 people with medical care. The Project - impossible from the local legislation perspective - received a lot of our attention, and the barriers were either reduced or removed along the way. The Project required extensive work and hundreds of amendments to the local legislation, which the Team worked out and pushed through just brilliantly, contributing to the first-ever university-based hospital development via the PPP mechanism.

Unicase prepared a bankable facility management PPP and procurement structure for the Client, KPPF and the Ministry of Health; now, the Project is approved of across all the bodies, legislative included, and now there is an open tender held for the construction.
Foster Solutions, Attract Finance
Client Win IV
Going green has always been valued at and pursued by Unicase, hence the win of our Client, a European operator. Shared mobility has been one-of-a-kind Project for Central Asia, and it had never been covered in legislation until the Client and Unicase addressed it.

We analysed and reported business models, funding, ownership structures, challenges, opportunities, and socio-economic indicators in the shared mobility market; prepared several comprehensive reports with amendments and additions to the legislation, regulation, and licencing of the industry. Now, the Client is fully equipped with data aimed at introducing a number of shared mobility projects to every Central Asia region.
Foster Solutions, Attract Finance
  • Turkestan Hospital
    The Team provided full legal support to the KPPF with the “Construction and Operation of a Multidisciplinary Hospital in Turkestan” project. We delivered the legal analysis of a draft PPP agreement prepared by a private partner, produced comments and recommendations on interest protection of a public partner and on the PPP agreement compliance with the local legislation. Additionally, we negotiated the terms and conditions of the PPP agreement draft.
  • Street Light Modernisation in Taraz
    We advised Everlight Intelligence Technology on the street light modernisation PPP project in Taraz, Kazakhstan. Legal assistance included the analysis of possible legal PPP schemes for the project, discussion of PPP schemes with government officials, and legal support with drafting and negotiating the PPP agreement with the local authorities.
  • UNECE PPP Standards for RE Projects
    The Team drafted a set of international PPP standards for renewable energy development in emerging countries and economies in transition to provide guidance for developing infrastructure projects on the basis of PPP mechanisms. The standards provide practical guidance on the procurement, financing, and PPP projects delivery in the renewable energy sector.
  • European Commission & Deloitte TCF LLP
    The Team advised the European Commission and Deloitte TCF LLP on the amendments to the Kazakhstani laws, regulating PPP. Our work involved representing a legal due diligence report in the overview of the Kazakhstan PPP legislation and evaluating various challenges concerning PPP implementation.
  • Moscow-St. Petersburg Highway (15th-58th km)
    Our Experts drafted the EPC contract for the Moscow–St. Petersburg Highway, including design and construction documentation, an operations and maintenance agreement, insurance and re-insurance, and an inter-creditor agreement.
  • Urban Infrastructure Modernisation Programme and Finance Facility
    We prepared detailed financial analyses for 7 Wastewater Treatment projects which have been allocated for ADB financing to strengthen the rationale for the loan and government subsidies. We analysed tariff increases which may be needed over time to lower the financial burden on the local budget.
  • Almaty Parking
    Our Team advised on the organization of paid parking in the Almaty City - Almaty Parking Project according to a PPP scheme. The work involved analysing laws, regulating the construction of paid parking facilities, and supervising bidding file preparation.
  • Road Maintenance System, Kazakhstan
    The Team advised ADB and the Kazakhstan Government on the road sustainability maintenance system. Our legal work involved reviewing all documents related to the project; analysing existing legislation for procurement and implementation of road contracts to identify changes required to permit the use of OPBRC with external and local funding; amending the procurement legislation to allow two-stage technical and financial evaluations for PBC and performance criteria application. We also provided a legal basis for the payment reduction in case of non-compliance with the criteria.
  • Financial Model Development
    The Experts prepared an information memo on planned countries of operations (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan), running the financial model through various strategies to explain the model structure. We analysed different scenarios and the outcomes, negotiating with the investors along the way.
  • Almaty Railway Bypass
    The works were related to the construction and operation of a railway bypassing the junction at the Almaty Railway Station. Our Experts successfully went ahead with bidding file preparation, assisted with the business plan, and drafted the very PPP agreement.
  • Almaty Railway Bypass
    The works were related to the construction and operation of a railway bypassing the junction at the Almaty Railway Station. Our Experts successfully went ahead with bidding file preparation, assisted with the business plan, and drafted the very PPP agreement.
  • Street Lighting System Modernisation in Semey
    The Team advised EBRD and the East Kazakhstan Akimat (regional Mayor’s Office) on a long-term modernisation of the street lighting system. We explored sustainable options to improve the system efficiency and ran an extensive legal due diligence, followed by producing the drafts for the public service and DSIOM contract between a municipal company and a private contractor.
  • Automobile Road Concession Projects
    Our Experts advised the Ministry of Transport and Communication on the following automobile road concession projects at the stage of tender documentation preparation (concession agreement drafts): construction and operation of Almaty–Kapshagay motorway section and Almaty–Ust-Kamenogorsk motorway; reconstruction and operation of Astana–Karagandy section at the Russian Federation border (towards Yekaterinburg); Almaty Motorway through Kostanay, Astana, and Karagandy. We assisted with the tender winner selection and negotiated the terms of a concession agreement. Also, we advised on reconstruction and operation of Almaty-Horgos motorway section at the Uzbekistan border (towards Tashkent); Shymkent-Taraz-Horgos motorway through Kokpek, Koktal, Blagoveschenka with entry points to Kyrgyzstan.
  • “Western Europe-Western China” Corridor
    We advised Todini Costruzioni Generali S.p.A on a major infrastructure project in construction of the International motorway corridor “Western Europe – Western China”. We successfully resolved corporate challenges, commercial issues, and complications with subsoil use rights procedures.
  • Broadband Connection
    Our Team assisted the Almaty City Akimat (the Mayor’s Office in Almaty), EBRD, Republic of Austria Federal Ministry (Finance), Resources & Waste Advisory Group (RWA), Arcadis Design Consultancy for Natural and Built Assets and EcoSocio Analysts to develop a Green City Action Plan (the “GCAP”). The Plan is a key tool of EBRD Green Cities, covering a wide range of urban environmental challenges and considering the cities’ social challenges, including gender. The GCAP guides a city through four main steps: establishing a Green City Baseline, developing a Green City Action Plan, Implementation, and Progress Report.  The methodology for the GCAP has been developed by EBRD together with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.
  • Street Lighting
    The Experts assisted the discussion of PPP strategies with the government authorities and prepared the business plan for a PPP project on street lighting. The legal support also included reviewing project documents, preparing client documentation at the stage of project initiation, drafting a PPP agreement. We contributed massively in the relationship building among project partners and established joint ventures.
  • Street Lighting
    The Experts assisted the discussion of PPP strategies with the government authorities and prepared the business plan for a PPP project on street lighting. The legal support also included reviewing project documents, preparing client documentation at the stage of project initiation, drafting a PPP agreement. We contributed massively in the relationship building among project partners and established joint ventures.
  • Feasibility Study for the Kostanay Central Heating System
    We advised Mott Macdonald Limited in a project financed by EBRD on the preparation and development of a feasibility study for Kostanay central heating system. We determined Priority Investment Plan (PIP) for the restoration and improvement of the entire central heating system, as well as assessed the benefits and analysed environmental and social grounds for the project.
  • E-ticketing for Public Transport
    The Team advised an international company on implementation of a new e-ticketing system for public transport in the Almaty City. Our services included advising on the deal structure and drafting foundation documents for the joint venture together with the Almaty City Akimat (the Mayor’s Office in Almaty)
  • Pulkovo Airport Reconstruction
    Our Experts advised on the B-loan for financing the reconstruction of Pulkovo airport with the total project cost of EUR 200 million. The services included advice on project agreements, financing agreements, corporate, budget and regulatory approvals, security measures, creditor and direct agreements.
  • Aktau International Airport
    We ran due diligence for the construction and Q&M arrangements in relation to the Aktau International Airport.
  • Almaty International Airport
    Our Team performed a comprehensive legal audit of Almaty Airport for its proposed sale.
  • Astana Wastewater PPP
    We assisted the Astana City Akimat (the Mayor’s Office in Astana) with preparing the Wastewater Projects. We attended a number of meetings with communities and Government Agencies for the thorough discussion of the project proposed. Our experts created a financial model and performed a comprehensive financial analysis.
  • Almaty Light Rail Transit Project
    The Team advised on the overall project management, consisting of 9 streams (5 to 9 Team members for each) for various infrastructure aspects. We prepared reports and attended high-level government meetings, delivering presentations.
  • Urban Infrastructure Modernization and Finance Facility
    Our Experts advised on risk allocation, assessed the financial support requirements, introduced tools and guidelines for financial viability analysis, and ran the PPP suitability checks.
  • 400-Bed Hospital in Kyzylorda
    We advised a local company on the legal aspect of this PPP project, advised on the institutional part during investment and post-investment period, rendering assistance with communicating the project concept and drafting a PPP agreement.
  • Construction of Kindergartens in Karaganda and Temirtau
    The Team acted on behalf of a German investor and reviewed and negotiated a bespoke turn-key EPC contract, plus auxiliary documentation such as direct agreement and performance security for the project financing of nursery schools construction.
  • Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ), Asset Privatisation Programme
    We made privatisation diagnostics to select subsidiaries, reforms, and changes in regulations to allow for a greater private sector participation in the railway transport of Kazakhstan.
  • Renewable Energy Pipeline Development for Central Asia (up to 2 GW)
    The Team advised on legal frameworks for renewable energy investments, power sector institutional structures, and infrastructure bottlenecks. We also assisted in structuring PPA.
  • Sustainable Development Agenda, Asia Pacific
    Our Experts addressed transboundary dimensions of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. We advised on regional economic cooperation and infrastructure financing in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan under the supervision of the Section Chief of the Financing for Development Section (FfDS), MPFD and under the direct supervision of an Economic Affairs Officer in FfDS/MPFD.
  • Energy Efficiency and Public Safety Improvement in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
    Our Team supported the project preparation process, advising on viable PPP structures for urban street lighting project. Having prepared a sound financial model for the project, we advised ADB on various financing structures.
  • APMG Training
    On July 23, 2019, the Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Economy with the support of IFC completed a series of capacity development activities on PPP. The Unicase Experts were the keynote speakers for the PPP certification programme, which was aimed at promoting the best PPP practices, allowing current and potential participants around the world to gain access to specialized knowledge about project management within the PPP framework. The certification was developed and launched by APMG International, a recognized leader in educational attestation and certification.
  • Training Programme for IFC
    IFC, PPP Expertise Eurasia and Training ByteSize have organized a 4-day training programme for the PPP experts from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, where we were involved as trainers. The programme aimed to deliver a basis for PPP projects implementation and to introduce students to the best international practice in the field. The course structure was designed by IFC to supplement the CP3P syllabus with additional modules of skills-building nature, yet 100% compliant with CP3P Body of Knowledge terminology.