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We rendered a full legal support to a Wolfram Mining Company, engaged in mining operations and producing the highest quality tungsten concentrate, and the production output of its deposit is about 2,238 thousand tonnes of ore a year. The main investor in the project cannot be disclosed, but it is a large Chinese Mining and Investment company.


A Wolfram Mining Company, Procurement Operations
The Kazakhstan Subsoil Use Code requires the users to procure works through open tender procedure. In this regard, Unicase provided full legal assistance to the Client on holding procurement tenders, in particular for the procurement of works for field development, drilling, and blasting operations. The Team drafted tender documentation for the procurement and the contract to be signed with potential contractors in accordance with the legislation. We also provided ongoing legal support on various issues arising during procurement procedures.
Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world with enormous mineral resources. Such projects are strategically important as they contribute to the development of the country's economy. The total reserves of tungsten trioxide in Kazakhstan are estimated at 2 million tonnes, and the deposit is one of the largest.
The Project involved creating internal procurement mechanisms for the Client from scratch. Violation of the procurement procedures by subsoil users may lead to disqualification of the works, services, and goods procured from the work programme.
Impact & Outcome
Eventually, these will not be counted as the fulfilment of the subsoil user commitments under the relevant contract, which in turn may result in a subsoil use contract termination by the Kazakhstan government. Unicase provided full support to the Client to drive any noncompliance with the procurement rules out and to make certain everything went smooth.
The procured works on the tungsten field development will contribute to the development of the solid minerals mining industry, new jobs creation, as well as Kazakhstan export potential improvement.