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Based on our practice, it’s safe to say that the change across the Central Asian region should start at the top: the region requires huge transformation+investment, which, in turn, requires huge economic and social shifts. No individual contributor alone can tilt the situation here. Hence our close work with governments and educational institutions: we delve into problems together with officials and help university students recognise the climate change importance.


We cannot just go there and stop burning of coal, gas, and oil, however much we want until it runs out. What we can do, however, is enhance or redevelop those productions so that they could emit far less carbon dioxide. Next, we should spark meaningful conversations and help lawmakers understand the Planet’s needs. Together, we work out feasible regulations, norms, standards, and initiatives to welcome large RES (Renewable energy sources) projects and to make the region economy less fossil-fuel dependent. We can increase investment attractiveness, eliminate trust issues, and mitigate risks related. And we can – and must – shift mindsets to allow for the transformation. Unicase believes that continuous technological progress can enhance and assist with mitigating of negative effects of Climate Change.

Unicase balances the needs of society with the need to deliver profit. We work with wide range of stakeholders. Alongside the net zero pursuit, our mission pertains to saving lives, making it easier for healthcare providers to help those in need, relieving burdens from forest and land management, and making our environment more energy-efficient. We do these personally, cutting air travel times, driving efficiently and substituting car rides with other forms of public transport, introducing energy-efficient homes in our lives,
and planting trees.

We do these corporate-wise and welcome suppliers who develop healthcare; who utilise and introduce renewable energy sources: everything humanly possible to make Central Asia more sustainable and 'greener' than it would have been otherwise. What our Clients and our Team do now some five years back was
thought of as impossible.