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Compliant with all regulations, Unicase supports a range of institutions, project investors and developers, contributing to the energy sector. We advise our Clients on traditional and renewable energy projects involving the wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal energy.

Transactional advisory, lawmaking, institutional and regulatory advisory, dispute resolution and arbitration – all have been our areas of expertise available on demand.

Legal services in the energy sector

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Unicase delivers effective and efficient legal support across Central Asia, both in traditional and renewable energy sectors. We work with the wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, coal, uranium, and other sources of energy, including hybrid power plants.

Client Win I

Our team is advising Total Eren, a French power developer, on a deal involving the construction of the first 1 GW wind farm in Kazakhstan, with battery storage capacity of up to 500 MW/1 GWh. This project encompasses development, financing, construction, and addressing operational challenges.

An Intergovernmental Agreement has been signed between the Government of the French Republic, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, the National Welfare Fund "Samruk-Kazyna," and the local company "KazMunayGas" for collaboration in combating global warming. We are working on establishing an optimal legal framework for the successful implementation of the project by analyzing various legal structures commonly used in IPP projects in different countries, including Kazakhstan.
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Client Win II
Here, our giant contribution, hand in hand with the U.S. Agency within the “Power Central Asia” project, has been to help the five countries — Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan — to set their national and regional energy security priorities and unlock the economic benefits of regional energy trade. The Unicase Team has contributed to the sector development through the countries’ legislation improvements, and we believe that this has been one of the most serious and significant wins so far.
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Client Win III
The next win to share would be the China General Nuclear Power Corporation’s win (CGNPC). Unicase handled a number of inbound transactions and contributed to the Client’s acquisition of 49% equity in a wholly-owned subsidiary of the world's largest producer and seller of natural uranium, providing over 40% of global uranium supply from its operations in Kazakhstan. Now, the US$435 million deal allows China's largest nuclear plant operator to mine 2,000 tons of uranium per year in Kazakhstan.
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Client Win IV
There was another win in the field of Heat Supply in Kazakhstan. The Republic territory boasts of a wide range of weather types - dry: arid to semiarid, South to the central region, with from around 25 centimetres of rain annually to just enough for low bushes and short grasses to grow. Central region to the North and South-East to North-West of the country see humid continental climate with constantly changing weather, bitterly cold winters with scorching hot summers.

While the Southern region may not have that pressing need to pump sufficient heat around, the country’s North risks literally dying out of the minus 50C cold if not heated properly. The country still taps into post-Soviet Union infrastructure, with little to legislation on Heat Supply, and this is where Unicase steps in, and our Experts do whatever they can to redevelop the heating sector. We amend legislation, review heat tariffs, redevelop taxation, and even create new clauses, providing our Clients with opportunities to introduce more extensive use of renewable energy sources into the Heat Supply sector.
Power the Growth
Currently, the Kazakhstan Energy Ministry, a number of other government agencies, the Unicase Law Firm, and Samruk-Energy JSC are implementing a whole range of measures aimed at improving the conditions for investment projects in hydroelectric power plants construction.
We helped the European largest wind power plant manufacturer, a Danish company Vestas, on entering the Kazakhstan market and starting a large-scale investment programme.
Unicase proved its effectiveness in reviewing, amending, and developing national legislation and regulations for heat supply, including taxation and heat tariffs.
Sustainable energy supply affects the local energy market and regulation, wind and solar power generation, power transmission and distribution grids, energy storage and sustainable energy use.
We completed a comprehensive review of existing national legislation and regulations which govern geothermal energy utilisation in Kazakhstan.
Being current on market developments, we advised a Chinese Investment Fund and a Leading Chinese Law Firm on a wide range of subsoil use operations regulatory matters, state approvals, land, and environmental legal issues, to support the Fund in its investments into a large hydrocarbon mine in Kazakhstan.
We rendered full legal support to Zhetysu Wolfram LLP, carrying out mining operations on the Boguty deposit and producing the highest quality tungsten concentrate.
We ran a due diligence on the Client company and issued a legal opinion on the financing to be provided by the Kazakhstan Development Bank for a 50 MW wind power plant.
Our Experts supported the second largest renewable energy corporation in the world during acquisition and project development of a 206 MW wind farm project.
The Unicase Team made a comprehensive analysis of electricity tariff formation and balancing electricity services for regulating the capacity of large and small hydroelectric power plants in Kazakhstan.
We advised a global leader in electricity supply machinery and hardware on the first-ever auction in Kazakhstan for the construction of regulated energy generation facilities. 
The Team provided legal services to the country's largest gas pipeline owner, which is the only route for gas exports from Kazakhstan to China.
We provided the Client with legal advisory services within a pilot project on building and operating a 100-megawatt solar power plant, based on a private bilateral sleeved PPA mechanism.
We assisted the international corporation in reviewing, amending, and developing the existing national legislation and regulations of the RES, including taxation and auctions.
Unicase provided consultancy services to a Chinese the oil and gas company as part of a consortium of transborder companies for the construction of a comprehensive gas production project with an estimated value of 500 million USD.
Unicase team provides comprehensive legal support for the investment project of Almaty Power Plants JSC, a subsidiary of Samruk-Energy JSC which holds 100% of the company's stocks, on modernise Almaty TPP-2 with a focus on minimising the environmental impact.
Unicase provides legal services in the framework of an energy capacity building project for competitive procurement in the hydropower industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    Our Team advised a Chinese operator on corporate structure of an accrued interests transfer. We ran an extensive due diligence of the target company from corporate, regulatory, and legal perspectives. Our Experts also reviewed the Shareholder’s Agreement, land/lease, licenses and permits, equity contribution status, and the shareholding structure.
    Unicase provided legal assistance in the form of consultation to Risen Energy on the acquisition of a 100% interest in the share capital in a company involved in the development of the Gulshat solar project in Kazakhstan. The Unicase team conducted an analysis of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), grid connection agreement, and determined the project's eligibility for preferential tariff in Kazakhstan. The determination included indexing in accordance with inflation and exchange rate, as well as an analysis of compliance with grid connection requirements.
    We advised Scatec Solar on the acquisition of “AEC Asa”, “AEC Shu”, and “Akadyr” power plants and rolled out a full legal due diligence with transaction structuring, SPA, and regulatory formalities. The total investment amounted to some US$ 50 million.
    The Team ran a complete legal due diligence of energy assets and provided legal advice at every stage of a power plant construction. We helped to obtain land, to transport RE equipment, and to install it. We also helped the Client with private investments and state support measures.
  • Legislative Framework Improvement, Tajikistan
    The Experts advised USAID Power Central on enhancing energy security, regional connectivity, and adoption of clean energy technologies in Tajikistan. The work included identifying gaps for the renewable energy use, reviews of relevant documents (legal, regulatory, and permitting), institutional framework governing, renewable energy procurement, and providing relevant recommendations on a power purchase agreement draft. We detailed a competitive procurement process design on the basis of successful tenders and auctions, and consulted the stakeholders on terms and conditions of the renewable energy procurement and all documents associated.
  • Power Central Asia
    Our Team assisted USAID to improve investment environment for renewable energy and addressed renewable energy grid integration issues. The Kazakhstan Government initiated amendments to renewable energy and electricity laws in the Majlis (/ˈmadʒlɪs/, the House of Parliament) shortly thereafter.
  • USAID “Power the Future”
    When the U.S. Agency for International Development was implementing the PTF project, Power the Future, Unicase Experts provided legal support to USAID’s Tetra Tech working on a part of the project, the improvement of renewable energy auctions in Kazakhstan. The work involved analyses of RE Auction Rules, generation solutions to address risks to the FSC medium, and the assessment of long-term liquidity.
  • RE Legislative Framework Improvement in Kyrgyzstan
    The Unicase Team advised USAID, the world’s premier international development agency, on the local legislation, analysed legal, regulatory, permitting, and institutional framework documents to identify gaps for the use of renewable energy, and provided viable recommendations on the legislation improvement in the Kyrgyz Republic. The assistance included power purchase agreement drafting and an RE competitive procurement process design on the basis of successful tenders and auctions. We consulted the stakeholders on terms and conditions of the renewable energy procurement and all contractual documents. Our expertise allowed proposing viable recommendations, including supporting the government and introducing incentive mechanisms.
  • Hydropower projects in Kazakhstan
    We assisted USAID when they were investing in clean energy and introducing new technologies in hydropower projects in Kazakhstan. We assessed land legislation of the Kazakhstan Republic on land allocation and land-related permits, developed a proposal for amending current legislation on the allocation, use and return of land, and reviewed approval procedures for HPPs investment projects. Also, we analysed Land, Water, Forest, and Environmental Codes, as well as the law “On Specially Protected Natural Areas” and other legislation sections to identify restrictions and eliminate barriers later on.
  • Auction Mechanisms in Kazakhstan
    We advised the Ministry of Energy and the Asian Development Bank on auction mechanisms for renewable energy projects.
  • Heat Supply Legislation
    The Team developed a draft for the law on heat supply, including several amendments introduced to laws and normative acts influencing the heating sector. Also, we amended technical standards, tariff methodology, and heating development plans; improved energy efficiency standards in the heat sector; established regulatory framework and incentive mechanisms for renewable sources utilisation.
  • 100MW Solar Power Plant, “M-Kat Green”, South Kazakhstan
    Our Experts advised on the acquisition of a 100-MW solar plant, “M-Kat Green”, in the Southern region of Kazakhstan. Unicase ran an extensive legal due diligence of the project and advised on the ownership structure, terms of agreements, and documents.
  • Small & Large Hydroelectric Power Plants Tariffication
    The Team advised the Kazakhstan Electricity Association on electricity tariffs for large and small hydroelectric power plants. We prepared effective amendments to the legislation in order to develop the industry in Kazakhstan.
  • PPA Draft Improvement
    We advised IFC on the amendment of certain clauses in a PPA draft for electricity offtake in Kazakhstan. Our legal work included assessing PPAs for renewable energy, proposing revisions and additions to all relevant clauses which could pose risks for the investment, running due diligence of the legal framework, assisting IFC in every discussion with the Ministry of Energy and the FSC, and presenting the amended PPA.
  • IFC Investor’s Guide: Renewable Energy Projects in Kazakhstan
    Our Team assisted the IFC in an Investor’s Guide design to inform investors on legal regulations of energy projects.
  • Renewable Energy Legislation Improvement
    The Team advised IFC and the Kazakhstan Government on the law “On support of the renewable energy companies, monitoring rules, standard development in connection with renewable development plans”; worked through the rules on green tariffs (FiT) and the rules on the development of Siting Plan connection agreement. Unicase developed the renewable energy legislation for the Government, prepared the Green Economy Law and legislative measures for renewable energy projects in Kazakhstan, drafted amendments to primary and secondary legislation.
  • National Grid PPA Draft Development
    We advised Uzbekistan National Grid Company on drafting a PPA, plus termination provisions. The Project included a complex analysis of the energy-sector-related legislation in Uzbekistan, and we aligned every PPA provision with the law.
  • Renewable Energy Project in Kazakhstan
    Our Team advised the Renovation Asset Management Company in connection with their prospective activities in Kazakhstan in the renewable energy sector.
  • Solar Power Plant Import Certification
    Our Experts advised Jinko Solar on the solar power plant import certification in Uzbekistan. We negotiated a lending project with creditors. We cannot tell you more, but we did an excellent job on this one.
  • RE map 2030: Renewable Energy Prospects for Kazakhstan
    The Team advised an inter-governmental organisation IRENA and the Kazakhstan Ministry of Energy on a renewable energy roadmap development. The roadmap was to identify a realistic potential of renewable energy technology options introduced and projected onto 2030 and beyond, covering the entire country energy system. Our legal work was to review and update the current renewable energy policy framework for and data available in all the energy sectors in Kazakhstan. Also, we identified the barriers and found opportunities for projects deployment and introduced our wording of a chapter in the roadmap report.
  • Power Storage
    We reviewed current conditions and plans in power markets and electricity transmission grid in Kazakhstan. We ran a comparative analysis with reference countries to ensure that we can utilise the experience relevant for Kazakhstan.
  • Regulatory and Institutional Review of Kazakhstan Geothermal Sector
    To identify gaps and shortcomings inhibiting the country’s geothermal resources use, the Team reviewed the existing legislation and regulations which govern geothermal energy, including legal, regulatory, permitting, and institutional frameworks, governing the sector.
  • Uzbekistan Industrial Decarbonisation Roadmap
    The Team developed innovative technological solutions for decarbonising the industrial sector in Uzbekistan. We overviewed energy- and emission-intensive industrial subsectors together with Uzbek MOE and other stakeholders. We reviewed energy consumption and CO2 emissions by regions and subsectors. We identified and assessed most promising technical solutions for Uzbekistan.
  • 100MW Wind Power Plant
    We advised Vestas Deutschland on a 100-megawatt power plant construction. We structured the project, resolved regulatory matters and obtained the permits necessary, analysed architecture and construction regulations, and made the project fit in with environmental requirements. Our experts drafted an EPC contract and prepared all the consortium, construction, IP, and insurance agreements.
  • 2030 RES Map: Renewable Energy Prospects for Kazakhstan
    The Team advised the Agency and the Kazakhstan Ministry of Energy on a roadmap development for reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Kazakhstan until 2030
  • Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ), Asset Privatisation Programme
    We made privatisation diagnostics to select subsidiaries, reforms, and changes in regulations to allow for a greater private sector participation in the railway transport of Kazakhstan.
  • 50 MW solar power plant in Karaganda region
    Consulting Risen Energy on the acquisition of a 50MW project in the Karaganda region. The Unicase team prepared all necessary documents for the acquisition of shares in the target company, including the sales and purchase agreement. They provided consultation on antimonopoly legislation and conducted a legal review covering the following areas: constitutional documents, shareholder structure, assets, liabilities, and contractual relationships, land rights, agreements signed between the target company and the government, PPA and GCA to determine the project's entitlement to fixed tariff quotas, grid connection terms, PLA, and grid connection schemes in accordance with relevant laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • 4 Solar and Hydro Power Plants Acquisition
    We ran legal due diligence for 4 target companies engaged in a renewable energy project in Kazakhstan. We analysed corporate matters, merger and anti-monopoly control compliance; prepared a feasibility study of the grid connection; reviewed the legal status of land plots; analysed the construction and environmental permits; overviewed the sub-EPC and EPC contracts; assessed environmental impact; and ensured the project compliance with H&S requirements.
  • Renewable Energy Investment De-Risking
    Unicase and UNDP initiated the project on “De-Risking Renewable Energy Investment in Kazakhstan”.
  • Wind Turbine Generators
    The Team advised a leading European wind farm construction company, Wind Europe, on supply and installation of wind turbine generators at a wind park. We prepared regulatory framework; reviewed environmental, health, and safety (HSE) regulations to guarantee the project compliance.
  • 50MW Wind Power Plant in Shelek area, Kazakhstan
    The Unicase Team advised Goldwind on a 50-megawatt wind power plant acquisition in the Shelek area, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our legal services included delivering a corporate due diligence of the target company, reviewing taxation, negotiating SPA terms, re-registering the target company, and drafting EPC/EPC-M.
  • 246MW CHPP-3 Construction
    Our Experts advised TBEA in connection with construction and operation of 246MW and 742Gcal/h thermal power plant in the East Kazakhstan, setting up a joint venture, drafting all the documents, obtaining a sovereign guarantee, and addressing a range of other issues with investments, feasibility, and bankability.
  • Financing Mechanisms for Small-Scale Renewables in Kazakhstan
    We advised DNV-GL in development of financing mechanisms to increase the use of small-scale renewable energy in the electricity and heating sector in line with Kazakhstan potential, local climate, and state environmental policy goals.
  • 50MW Solar Power Plant in South Kazakhstan
    The Team advised Metka EGN on obtaining permits and licences for the construction and commissioning of a solar plant and high voltage substation.
  • Acquisition of the KapchagaySolarPark LLP
    Our Team advised Sharp Energy Solutions on a potential acquisition of the Kapchagay Solar Park, located in the Almaty City region. We ran a detailed legal due diligence; reviewed the corporate documentation of the target company and the share structure, investigated each executive onboard and the corporate profile; obtained all permits, licences, and authorizations required by the seller. Also, we attained a grid connection scheme approval, advised on architectural and planning assignments, negotiated and drafted PPA agreements.
  • TarazEnergy-2005 LLP and Zhambyl District Power Plant JSC Privatisation
    We advised the national company, Samruk-Energy, in connection with the proposed sale of shares in four companies engaged in electric and heating power production, distribution, and sale.
  • Renewable Energy Project
    We advised Solar Systems on the implementation of renewable energy projects in Kazakhstan. We analysed conditions and requirements of the Kazakhstan legislation at all stages of the a renewable energy project implementation, identifying the main legal risks and options for their hedging: tariff indexation, detailed schedule preparation, interaction with regulatory and supervisory authorities in the form preferred by Solar Systems.
  • Wind Park Construction
    The Team advised Green Energy 3000 Kazakhstan on the construction of the Tainty Wind Park with 16 turbines and 78MW capacity.
  • 50MW Samal Wind Farm
    Our Experts advised Chevron on land allocation, granting, and registration (easements) for the Samal Wind Farm project with overall capacity of 50 MW.
  • Policy Framework for Small-Scale Renewable Energy Projects, Uzbekistan
    Our Experts designed an appropriate regulatory model for the development of small-scale renewable energy technologies in Uzbekistan. The Team identified necessary amendments, developed draft versions of a connection agreement and a methodology to determine off-take arrangements (tariffs and billing). We also revised the distribution system grid code and developed the Road Map for expanding the RE technologies.
  • Protecting an energy company's interests against government encroachment on land use rights
    Unicase conducted a comprehensive legal assessment of the client company and issued a legal opinion regarding the financing provided by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan for the construction of a 50 MW wind power plant. This energy project involved a joint venture agreement between Zhyl Elektrik LLP and Universal Energy Ltd. for the construction of the plant in Kostanay city in North Kazakhstan. Our team provided consultations on cross-border transactions, comparing the legislation of Kazakhstan and Singapore. The Development Bank of Kazakhstan provided financing to Zhyl Elektrik LLP, with the Singaporean partner acting as a guarantor. Unicase, in turn, structured the deal and provided a legal opinion to the Asian Development Bank.
  • Navoi Solar, Uzbekistan
    We advised Hi-Tech Qazaqstan LLC, specialising on PV stations construction. We worked on legal and tax aspects, pertaining to the 100-MW Navoi Solar Project in Uzbekistan. The Project included registration, tax, licensing, and construction matters.
  • Description: Renewable Energy Projects
    The Team advised a major European EPC contractor Metka EGN in connection with the analysis of current regulation of renewable energy, tax, corporate, licensing, construction and operation of 100 MW solar photovoltaic power plant in Uzbekistan.segoe
  • 100MW Solar Power Plant, Kazakhstan
    We advised Promondis Energy Solutions throughout a solar power plant construction in Kazakhstan with 100MW capacity. Our legal work included due diligence of the energy assets, reviews of the SPVs, PPA, GCA, and PLAs, advising on legal risks elimination, drafting and negotiating the SPA for the acquisition, drafting new corporate documents and re-registering the SPV because of the shareholders change, advising on VAT and customs registrations, obtaining land use rights, and drafting EPC, operation, and maintenance contracts, as well as equipment supply agreement.
  • Wind Power Project Acquisition
    The Experts advised Guantao Law Firm on a wind power project acquisition (Ereymentau). We ran an extensive due diligence of the energy assets, prepared all the legal and regulatory documents related to the company establishment in Kazakhstan, structured partner relations among the parties to the project, assisted the client with obtaining land, transporting, and installing the equipment. We provided legal advice at all stages of construction, operation, supervision, and management of the power plant, drafted EPC/EPC-M, obtained required licenses and clearances, structured the project (including the JV structure), advised on the environmental laws, and provided other project related services.
  • Legal Framework of Capacitor Bank Market Regulation
    The Unicase Team advised AKSA ENERJI, the Turkey’s largest publicly listed independent power producer, expert at energy production, electricity distribution and sales, natural gas distribution, agriculture, and tourism. Together, we launched never-been-done-before auctions in Kazakhstan for the construction of power supply facilities. Our legal work was to assess a PPA template, revise all the relevant clauses which might pose a risk for capacitor bank market investors, as well as to prepare a comprehensive overview of legal and regulatory frameworks for the capacitor bank market in Kazakhstan. We overviewed the local energy sector regulation, the construction procedure of power generation facilities, and tariff formation in the sector.
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