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We advised a global leader in electricity supply machinery and hardware on the first-ever auction in Kazakhstan for the construction of regulated energy generation facilities.


Legal Framework for Capacity Market Regulation
Our legal work was to assess the existing electric capacity and a PPA draft, proposing revisions or additions to all relevant clauses, which bear a risk for capacity market investors. Our Experts prepared a comprehensive overview of the legal and regulatory framework, which included energy sector regulation in Kazakhstan, project selection procedure for hydroelectricity facilities construction, as well as tariff regulation in the sector.
Growing electricity consumption and share of renewable and alternative energy in the country's energy balance encourage the development of alternative generation ways to ensure Kazakhstan's energy security. To maintain the electric capacity availability for a 15-year period, the Government approved incentive measures for investors, planning to implement projects on alternative energy generation, including individual tariff determined by the auction results. In December 2021, as part of the mechanism for energy generation facilities construction, the KOREM Platform held the first auctions.
Kazakhstan is considering construction of a combined gas-fired cycle power plant to meet the need in electricity. The use of the country’s own natural resources is very important for the industry and, with the help of new investments, Kazakhstan’s energy supply security would strengthen. This will draw those keen to invest in attractive projects and will contribute to energy diversification as well as to the overall country development.
Impact & Outcome