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Our Experts supported the second largest renewable energy corporation in the world during acquisition and project development of a 206 MW wind farm project. Unicase provided the turnkey legal support for this investment: we advised on laws, regulations, and policies relevant to the Project development and construction. Also, we worked through bilateral trade, investment treaties, regulations covering power trade and power pricing mechanism (including PPA), land, taxes (with tax benefit policies available), environment protection, construction, bidding, labour, health, safety, and dispute resolution.


5 PPAs for a 206 MW Wind Farm
We assisted the Client during solar power generation plants construction, advised on specific procedures related to licences and permits, estimated hours and materials required, and listed approvals to be obtained. The Team developed a risk matrix and condition precedents for the Project SPA. We dealt with complex land acquisition, documents, approval granting authorities, final documents to be issued after granting approvals, indemnification and compensation costs, taxes (including land use tax and public imposts), certificate obtaining costs, and any other costs related. We also structured EPC contracts, assisted in obtaining the antitrust committee consent, and registered a local subsidiary for the Client.
Wind turbines do not pollute the water or air, do not require water for cooling, and reduce the amount of electricity generation from fossil fuels, which entails less pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to the global CO2 decrease. The Project’s 206 MW power output being the largest RES Project in Kazakhstan, the outcome had been a tremendous breakthrough for both the Republic and for Unicase. No other law firm in Central Asia had been capable of advising on a deal with such a capacity as of yet. The Project helped to create hundreds of jobs, develop infrastructure in the region, and make a significant step towards carbon neutrality for the country.
Moreover, the Project kickstarted other large-capacity renewable energy projects in the Republic, having become a living example of implemented RES projects. It will be a decision-making factor for the FDI to enter the Kazakhstan RES market. New wind projects will bring more developments, and Kazakhstan will be able to compete globally in terms of the clean energy economy.
Impact & Outcome