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Pro Bono
Since its foundation in 2010 Unicase has participated in Pro bono work.
Unicase also has an increased number of hours spent on Pro Bono work in 2022 and in comparison to previous years this is rising. In 2022 Unicase spent more than 1000 hours because we have a strong belief in the local community that should be cohesive and supportive of each other where profits are non important but interests of various stakeholders are of higher priority therefore Unicase believes that this approach is more beneficial, long term.
Jannat Salymova-Tekay, the partner, is a strong supporter of Almaty clean air campaign since Almaty is in the top 10 most polluted cities in the world. She provides the advisory services support on a voluntary basis. Part of women's rights movements we work to improve Kazakhstan legislation, we also participate in women in energy initiatives (programmes, education and mentoring).