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Unicase is a leading full-service law firm,founded in 2010, operating its offices in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Dubai, India and China. The Firm brand name is built on the unique expertise,based on trust and long term vision.

As a Tier 1 Firm in Energy and Natural Resources, Unicase provides an extensive range of legal services across the full spectrum of economic and social infrastructure projects in Renewable, Infrastructure and PPP, Project Finance and Construction, Oil & Gas and Mining, as well as FMCG and Pharmaceutical industries, enabling the Firm to effectively serve businesses.
Unicase’s well knit team are experienced pioneers of the Energy and other sectors in Central Asia and have a proven track record advising governments, national and international operators who invest and conduct business in the region.
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Unicase employs best personal data protection practices in line with GDPR requirements
The Firm’s Clientele comprises of international energy companies, as well as major national and international development banks and FMCG sector leaders.

International financial institutions such as the EBRD, the World Bank Group, the IFC, the ADB, the EDB, the CDB, and others engage Unicase to support their development projects across Central Asia.
Success and growth is possible with experts onboard working cohesively as a unit. If your business needs to kickstart operations in a new market and establish itself properly– you’ve come to the right firm. Choosing Unicase, you choose the People and values based on integrity and long term trust.
Unicase is well known for its regulatory and law-making experience& know how, which allows the Firm to win major transactional projects and remain in the leading pack of first-choice advisors in Central Asia.
promote wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and other energy sources, including hybrid power plants
pursue, welcome, and support projects, mitigating climate change
combat climate change on a personal level; help others recognise the climate change importance and adapt to its effects
ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance
surface problem areas in environmental policies and legislations across Central Asian countries
The Mission ensures a range of initiatives taken Firm-wide. ESG adds value to clients. Following latest COP 27 summit in 2022, the key Determined Contributions to limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius are:
Based on our practice, it’s safe to say that the change across the Central Asian region should start at the top: the region requires huge transformation+investment, which, in turn, requires huge economic and social shifts. No individual contributor alone can tilt the situation here. Hence our close work with governments and educational institutions: we delve into problems together with officials and help university students recognise the climate change importance.

We cannot just go there and stop burning of coal, gas, and oil, however much we want until it runs out. What we can do, however, is enhance or redevelop those productions so that they could emit far less carbon dioxide. Next, we should spark meaningful conversations and help lawmakers understand the Planet’s needs. Together, we work out feasible regulations, norms, standards, and initiatives to welcome large RES (Renewable energy sources) projects and to make the region economy less fossil-fuel dependent. We can increase investment attractiveness, eliminate trust issues, and mitigate risks related. And we can – and must – shift mindsets to allow for the transformation. Unicase believes that continuous technological progress can enhance and assist with mitigating of negative effects of Climate Change.
Unicase balances the needs of society with the need to deliver profit. We work with wide range of stakeholders. Alongside the net zero pursuit, our mission pertains to saving lives, making it easier for healthcare providers to help those in need, relieving burdens from forest and land management, and making our environment more energy-efficient. We do these personally, cutting air travel times, driving efficiently and substituting car rides with other forms of public transport, introducing energy-efficient homes in our lives, and planting trees.

We do these corporate-wise and welcome suppliers who develop healthcare; who utilise and introduce renewable energy sources: everything humanly possible to make Central Asia more sustainable and 'greener' than it would have been otherwise. What our Clients and our Team do now some five years back was thought of as impossible.
Our Values
Our values drive us daily. Together, they enable us and our clients to succeed and reach their targets.
to our Clients always comes first. We bring everything we have all down the line to hit the targets
is not an idle concept. It is the way we do business
Morality & ethics
we operate legally, morally, and ethically. Period.
110% completion for each objective is another value at Unicase. We readily go an extra mile to get the job done
legal practice ensuing social transformation cannot just “happen” overnight. It is a marathon, where every stakeholder’s endurance and patience undergo severe testing. We persevere. And 5-year-long laser focus on a project is no big deal
what we do with and for you remains between us. Forever
Top quality service
is a top priority from initiation to completion. No exceptions
we do love winning together. Complex projects require a range of experts, working as one. Choosing us, you choose the Team to back your operations and aims.
what are we if we do not respect each other or do not recognise each other’s rights, wishes, aspirations, and needs? At Unicase, being respectful has always been a core value, daily, every day.
Commitment to winning
unless you win, participation is meaningless. We are not here to run for the sake of taking a participation medal. We strive daily and nightly to attain and retain the Top Tier status.
We respect your cause and will become your tailor-shaped tool to champion business goals.
For more than 12 years, the Team have been operating in Central Asia. Excellence in legal performance, economic and political knowledge, and hands-on experience in cooperation with local executive bodies allow us to advise effectively, adapting to the ever-growing market.

Unicase ranks first in the Central Asia region's development, amending and often drafting national legislations, improving the regulatory framework and adopting the best international practices to the national level, working closely with and recommending governments how to increase the investments into the region and how to strengthen the private sector.

We work with global clients, who invest in enterprises of strategic importance, such as Oil and Gas, IT, Energy and Renewables, Mining, Transport, and Infrastructure. We do not simply do our job: we bring and share knowledge, respecting and understanding local needs in each jurisdiction.
Practice Areas
Foster Solutions, Attract Finance
Power the Growth
Unlock the Synergy and Float
Mining, Oil and Gas
Nerd Power
Plan, Execute, Win
Stay Compliant
Mining, Oil and Gas
People Who Trust Unicase
Unicase is an exclusively collaborating firm within the Andersen Global network among 10,000 professionals worldwide. We have enjoyed being a preferred Central Asian counsel for many international firms such as Field Fisher Waterhouse, Simmons & Simmons, Allen & Overy Legal Services, Clifford Chance, Stephenson Harwood, Herbert Smith Freehills, Zhong Lun Law Firm, King & Wood Mallesons, Yingke Law Firm, Beijing Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm, Jingtian & Gongcheng, DeHeng Law Offices, and Guantao Law Firm.

We form alliances with Central Asian governments and their agencies, such as The Ministry of Energy, The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Ministry of Healthcare, International Financial Centres, the United States Agency for International Development, the British Embassy, the U.S. Consulate, and the Chinese Embassy, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China International Capital Corporation Limited, and Qazaq Green Association.
Energy: Outstanding
General Business Law: Highly Recommended
Oil & Gas: Recommended
Infrastructure: Recommended
“Young, bright, highly intelligent and successful lawyers who know what they do and keep their clients happy.”
Dispute Resolution: Tier 1 Energy & Resources: Tier 1 Corporate and M&A: Tier 2 Real Estate & Construction Tier 2
“Young, bright, highly intelligent and successful lawyers who know what they do and keep their clients happy.”
Corporate and Finance Team: Global Band 3 Energy & Natural Resources: Global Band 4
“The ability of the [Unicase] team to co-operate, negotiate and receive an outcome desired by the client is at the forefront of their working processes.”
M&A: Tier 2
Project Development: Tier 4
“... more than
satisfied with the work
[Unicase] is performing."
“You feel that your cases and your problems are truly in the focus of [Unicase’s] attention. That is the difference, you have a personal approach by the partners, rather than just passing the case to the firm.” The Legal 500 ranks Unicase Tier 1 in Energy and Natural Resources, Tier 1 in Dispute Resolution, Tier 2 in Commercial, Corporate and M&A, and Tier 2 in Real Estate and Construction.

Strong transactional background and considerable expertise have allowed the Firm to win major development projects and remain the first-choice adviser for legislation development issues and investor protection globally.

The Team’s professionalism is also recognized by Chambers and Partners, IFLR 1000, and AsiaLaw Profiles in the six key areas: corporate law, M&A, dispute resolution, infrastructure, energy, and natural resources.