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Diversity and Ethics
Unicase is a great believer in inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities for all employees.

We provide internships for university students, suiting their timetable and workload, allowing them time and during their holidays. We have regular in house training sessions and our employees starting from partner level and to junior lawyer including admin staff are of various ethnicities such as Asian, Caucasian and mixed. Several religions are also represented; Muslim, Jewish and Christian. Unicase is also a great believer in inhouse training for all of its staff, therefore regular trainings are provided at no cost for employees. Our next training is in English legal writing provided by an external expert on 27+28th February. We support our younger lawyers with their career progression aspirations, for example Nurai Alisher, the BD manager, and Abylaikhan Nurlanuly, the Associate at Unicase, in 2022 has started studying full time via scholarship in University of Lancaster Masters in project management and upon graduation we will welcome her again.

Our Team immediately after the Turkey earthquakes donated funds to the victims following the devastated earthquake in February 2023. Our employees participated in numerous charity events supporting Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion in 2022 and we continue to support them. Unicase female partners are already represented as non-executive directors in some Kazakhstan board of directors to continue to drive further gender diversity.