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Sustainable energy supply affects the local energy market and regulation, wind and solar power generation, power transmission and distribution grids, energy storage and sustainable energy use. Introduction of energy storages have become a critical issue, and our Experts considered and reviewed the current conditions and plans surrounding electric power markets and the electricity transmission grid in Kazakhstan for the EBRD. The Project goal was to investigate the legal framework required to build a battery storage based on world’s best practices.

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Battery Storage
We have conducted a comparative analysis with reference countries and identified potential case studies with energy storage plans and implementation solutions in different jurisdictions. The Experts reported the three selected case studies and outlined how battery storage needs can be determined in a given electricity system, and what approaches to integrate a storage to the electricity system exist and may be adopted in Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan sees the ‘renewables plus storage’ programme as a new way to have the gaps filled in their generation mix and to enhance the grid system resiliency. However, there is no specific regulation or programme to support such a system now, no ownership regulation, no construction capacities, nor is there any operational experience.
A study like the one Unicase delivered to the EBRD and the Government had never been considered in Kazakhstan before, and identified regulatory barriers are one of the main stumbling blocks in the way to an effective energy storage system. The Project outcome was a raised stakeholders’ awareness of existing issues and barriers which might impede battery storage deployment or slow the process down. Among the grave ones was that plans and other strategic documents covering the development were only superficial. The lack of standards and technical requirements came next, alongside the absence of any preferences and subsidies which is a failure to stimulate the industry players.
Impact & Outcome
In presentations given as part of this research, Unicase raised and defined all the barriers, and the Project will lead to a series of informed decisions taken, initiatives introduced, and much more effective storage market development to eventually increase the country’s investment attractiveness and sustainability.