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The Team provided legal services to the country's largest gas pipeline owner, which is the only route for gas exports from Kazakhstan to China. The 1,449-kilometre gas pipeline runs through four regions of the country. As the Client intended to transfer and sell three power generation stations to another market player, Unicase was engaged as a legal advisor to conduct an extensive due diligence. We reviewed all documents for the pipeline compressor stations, including ownership of land and buildings. We also verified the correctness of the structures commissioning. As a result, we provided comprehensive legal opinions on each of the three stations for sale.

Beineu Shymkent

Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline
The deal is significant as it was aimed at increasing the capacity of the pipeline from 10 to 15 billion m3 per year, which makes the pipeline strategic: it allows the diversification of Kazakhstan gas exports, ensures the energy security of the Republic, and creates a unified gas transportation system.

The Project will contribute massively to the government tax revenues growth, provide stability for gas export and overall energy security. Also, the pipeline will create new workplaces, attracting professionals and providing more stability to the southern region of Kazakhstan.
Impact & Outcome