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In this Project, we acted as a legal adviser to the Kazakhstan Project Preparation Fund LLP, which is a sole consultant of the state authorities with respect to PPP projects in Kazakhstan. Our Team carried out a legal review and provided advice in the course of a PPP contract negotiation for construction and operation of an integrated network for seven wholesale distribution centres.


7 Distribution Centres
The services included conducting a preliminary and detailed legal assessment of the PPP agreement, development of proposals and recommendations on key and critical provisions of the draft PPP agreement for the public partner (the Kazakhstan Republic Ministry of Trade and Integration), participation in discussions held by government commissions (various ministries and departments) and participation in negotiations with a private partner.
The Project encompasses the creation of a modern multi-format trade and distribution infrastructure in Kazakhstan, consisting of seven wholesale and distribution centres integrated into a single system and ensuring the redistribution of goods by regions.
The main goal of creating such a network is to ensure the country's food security, and the significance is national. The mechanism will help reduce the pressure of seasonal demand and control the final costs of agricultural products, which will contribute to the country's stability and well-being.
Impact & Outcome
This is a truly pioneering Project because the system will reduce the number of intermediaries between farmers and end users, which will allow controlling and regulating the prices of food produced by small and medium-sized farms. For the record, now, there can be up to 6-7 intermediaries, pushing the prices up and creating wild gaps between prices from place to place (10X, sometimes even 100X gaps). The Project will ensure this problem is reduced or no longer exists.