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We supported the Chinese largest multinational construction machinery manufacturing company. The world's 10th-largest construction equipment manufacturer by market share and the world's largest manufacturer of wheel loaders. Our Team assisted the Client with establishing the branch in Kazakhstan, with employment and visa issues. We also settled other legal aspects regarding business operations locally.


Guanxi LiuGong Machinery: Establishing the Presence in Kazakhstan
The Project will expand the Kazakhstan market and help to develop the logistics and construction sector for the whole Central Asian region. The Client will supply machinery to subsoil users and help exploit natural resources for the benefit of the people. Untapped natural wealth of rivers, forests, minerals, land, mountains, and seas can be properly exploited and utilised for productive purposes with a good construction equipment.
The Client raises overall production rate in Kazakhstan and facilitates the development of industrial, agricultural, tertiary, and export economy sectors. The Project now contributes to region employment, national income, and economy growth rate.
Impact & Outcome