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Our Team advised the British Embassy on legal issues related to corporate law, labour, material contracts, and liabilities. We helped the Embassy to terminate employment as well as to introduce changes to job titles. Besides, the legal Team advised on storing personal information in the Embassy data centre as well as on criminal amnesty issues proclaimed by the Kazakhstan President in 2022.
Corporate Advisory

British Embassy Nur-Sultan

Developing and sustaining stable diplomatic relations with the UK and leading European countries is one of the main goals of the modern foreign policy of the Kazakhstan government. Successful functioning of the British Embassy in Kazakhstan requires not only support from the international law perspective but also compliance with the local regulations.
Having provided legal advisory services on Kazakhstan law matters, Unicase ensured due operation of the Embassy in Kazakhstan in compliance with the corporate, labour, civil, and other regulations, which improved local legislation awareness of the British Embassy diplomatic personnel.

Impact & Outcome
With Unicase legal assistance, the Embassy works to strengthen fruitful cooperation between Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom while also promoting British interests in Kazakhstan.