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On May 26th, 2021 the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, held a meeting, in which he identified the key points for the development of renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan. The President highlighted that the renewable energy sector in Kazakhstan is developing rapidly, and it is required to adopt a package of incentives aimed at sustainable development of the renewable energy sector. In this regard, the main directions for the development of renewable energy sources have been determined:
  • Kazakhstan has taken a course towards the development of renewable and alternative energy sources. By the assignment of the President, the share of renewable energy sources in electricity generation should reach 15% by 2030. Currently, Kazakhstan hits the 3% goal.

  • Kazakhstan is planning to modernize and develop local production and prepare new qualified domestic personnel. In order to achieve this, it is required to study the best international experience in the renewable energy and energy sector.

  • Kazakhstan shall stimulate the use of renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan and the implementation of pilot projects for the operation of solar panels and micro-power plants, as part of the development of "smart" cities.

  • The President highlighted the need to take measures to eliminate the "staff shortage" in the renewable energy sector. To achieve this, Kazakhstan plans to implement measures to form the professional human resources of the industry and a competitive level of remuneration.

  • One of the most important tasks for the development of renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan is the stability of supply and the availability of tariffs. Therefore, the President instructed to increase market competition by attracting foreign investors.

  • The President proposed to create a New Energy Competence Center, which will experimentally gain experience in the use of high-tech innovations in the energy sector.
Unicase law firm has an outstanding experience of legal support of projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan, both in the traditional energy sector, and the renewable energy (RE) sector that uses the energy of wind, solar energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, coal, uranium and other sources of energy, including hybrid power plants.

Unicase lawyers are well-known pioneers and experts of the sector. As part of their ordinary legal advice, they both support state structures, financial institutions, investors and developers of projects in the energy sector developing the industry legislation, structuring transactions and their financing, preparation of all legal/normative acts related to the construction of energy facilities, supporting on the issues of protection of private investments, land use, construction, environmental protection and other issues arising out of the licensing procedures during the construction and operation of energy facilities. Unicase observes the latest changes to the Renewable energy sector and will be delighted to advise on Renewable energy related matters
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