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Data protection remains one of the key business objectives. We help our clients to comply with requirements and manage risks in business practice.

Privacy & Data Security

Data and Privacy Solutions
Data security and information privacy is one of the priorities of local and international businesses. We take resource in Unicase's global knowledge and experience in data privacy and legal risk management. We offer our clients full assistance in ensuring compliance with data privacy laws in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries. In cooperation with KPMG's consulting practice, we conduct privacy and personal data processing checks to help clients identify existing risks of non-compliance. In addition, we advise businesses on how to cope with various regulatory requirements and help them in their relations with data privacy management authorities.

Using its experience, Unicase has the opportunity to advise on aspects of foreign legislation applicable to our clients in connection with their global presence, and to help them prepare for major operational changes associated with an increased risk to sensitive data security.

Over the past few years, there has been an interest of foreign information companies in Kazakhstan, and the development of information technology has led to changes in Kazakhstan's legislation concerning information security and data privacy to meet business needs. Unicase's legal team in Kazakhstan is ready to help clients understand the data protection legislation in Kazakhstan. Our lawyers providing data privacy services are well versed in IT legislation and information protection, as well as in cross-border data transfer, cloud storage capabilities, etc.
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