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We will help you with tax issues: we will give consultancy, help to conduct a transaction and collect the documents, answer claims from the tax service, assess your tax risks, and we will win a case for you in court.

The high qualification of our lawyers in practice allows us to win complex tax disputes. Contact us as early as possible so that we can build a competent line of protection of your interests.

Tax Services

In our tax consulting services, we will solve tax issues and protect you from problems

The economy of the Central Asian countries is developing since there is a flow of investments into the region, so issues requiring financial and tax services inevitably arise. Our lawyers help in solving insurance, business and tax issues regardless of the scale of your activity because we provide small business and corporate and even hedge fund tax services as well as tax accounting in mergers and acquisitions.

As a tax consulting firm, we are efficient because we work closely with government agencies and financial institutions. As a result, our lawyers know both the finest details of the tax system and the plans for its development. Therefore, we can not only solve your current issues, but also prevent problems in the coming years by providing international tax consulting regarding future taxes.

  • Consulting on indirect taxes
  • Management of tax conflicts and tax litigation in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • Transfer pricing
  • M and A tax services and services for international tax structuring
  • Computerization of tax administration, digital assessment and care for general intersectoral surveillance by various government bodies other than of specific industries
  • Specialized tax services for investment
  • Customs operations in Kazakhstain
  • Export regulations systems
  • Corporate tax services
  • Tax accounting services
  • Human resources management and private tax services