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Amendments into Regulation of Personal Data Protection in 2021

Personal data regulation has always been an issue for foreign investors in Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, the local Government is advancing in this field of legislation to comply with the strict rules of protecting personal data prescribed by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The Alert specifies the most relevant amendments introduced into this area:
  • 1

    Prior to the collection and processing of the personal data, the owner and/or operator must fill in the form to determine the list of data that is required to perform their tasks;

  • 2

    Apart from the owner and operator, third parties are entitled to determine the list of individuals having access to the restricted personal data;

  • 3

    The owner and/or operator must notify the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry on unlawful access incidents to restricted personal data;

  • 4
    The personal data protection measures have been clarified in details. In particular:

    • Division of personal data into restricted and publicly available;
    • Establishment of the list of individuals collecting and processing personal data or having access to such data by the owner and/or operator and third parties;
    • Identification of business processes that contains personal data;
    • Appointment of the individual responsible for organisation on processing personal data (applicable to legal entities);
    • Establishment of the procedure on access to personal data.
We keep our Clients updated on the latest legislation amendments and will be glad to assist and advise on personal data protection issues.
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