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While “Aprile will guide you in choosing and coordinating your shipments and will stand by your side in the international trade” as their wonderful website suggests, the Unicase Team will navigate the legal seas and will stand by your side to protect your interests both in Central Asia and internationally.


SPA Italy
Unicase represented the interests of the Italian logistics company in a debt recovery litigation case. We assisted the Client with the search and identification of debtor’s assets, obtaining notary decision on debt recovery for further enforcement. We arranged all the necessary procedures, helped with the pre-trial notification, and assisted the Client with the participation in the Court of First Instance and in the Court of Appeal.
We had been with the Client in enforcement proceedings and advised on the procedure, risks, and costs incurred. We located the debtor, their bank accounts, and property on which arrests/encumbrances might be imposed. Moreover, we monitored the actions necessary for the debt collection by the bailiff (visits during reception hours, preparation of requests and information exchange, a copy of the enforcement case files, etc.)
We had the debt collected successfully, the action enforced properly, and еру litigation working confirmed. Another day, and yet another investor protected. At Unicase, we all take the chance and celebrate the win together with the Client.
Impact & Outcome