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Obtaining A Medical License In Kazakhstan

Medicine is a fundamental science that has an influence on the standard of living of the entire population. The state pays special attention to the quality of medical services, as it directly affects the health of citizens.

In Kazakhstan, the provision of medical services by individuals and legal entities is possible only after obtaining an appropriate license.

The activity of public and private organisations engaged in medical activity, as well as individuals engaged in private medical practice and traditional medicine in the Republic of Kazakhstan is subject to licensing.

Issuance of a license to carry out medical activity is carried out in accordance with the rules for providing the state service "Issuance of a license to carry out medical activity", approved by the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 1, 2020, No. KR DSM-59/2020 (hereinafter - the "Rules").


According to item 4 of Article 554 of Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in order to obtain a license for medical activities, payment of a license fee in the amount of 10 months' index is required.


In order to carry out medical activities on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, natural or legal persons (hereinafter - the "Service Recipients"),shall obtain through the web portal of "electronic government" www.egov.kz, send www.elicense.kz (hereinafter - the "Portal") to the territorial departments of the Committee for Medical and Pharmaceutical Control of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - the "Service Provider") applications in the forms specified in Annexes 2 or 3 of the Rules.


The list of documents required to obtain a license (determined by clause 8 of the Standard (Appendix 1 to the Rules):

1. Application (for individuals in accordance with Appendix 2, for legal entities in accordance with 3 to the Rules);

2. Document confirming the payment of the license fee to the budget;

3. The form of information confirming the availability of information and documents in accordance with the qualification requirements for licensing medical activities, in accordance with Appendix 1 to this Standard;

4. Diploma of higher or secondary medical education (for service recipients who completed their studies before 2015);

5. Diploma of higher or secondary medical education (for service recipients who completed their studies before 2015);

6. Document confirming the labour activity of the employee, according to the declared subtypes of activity in accordance with Article 35 of the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

7. Documents certifying ownership or lease agreements, or agreements for the gratuitous use of real estate (loans), or trust management of property, or public-private partnership agreements.

Term for obtaining a license

The deadlines for the provision of public services (issuance of a license and (or) attachment to the license) from the date of submission of the package of documents on the portal - 13 (thirteen) working days.

Result of the application

The result of the provision of a public service or a reasoned response to the refusal to provide a public service shall be issued in electronic form, certified by the electronic digital signature of the authorised person of the service provider, sent to the portal and stored in the "personal account" of the recipient of the service.

Challenging decisions, actions (inaction) of the service provider on the provision of public services is done by filing a complaint addressed to the head of the service provider, authorised bodies in the field of health care, or by assessing and monitoring the quality of public service provision.

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