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Only 20% of mergers and acquisitions increase shareholder value. The main reason is the lack of a process. No one excels the innovative thinking of our transactional services specialists, who are able to detect and quantify the hidden value in every aspect of a transaction.

Transaction Services

Unicase's M & A transaction advisory services help companies make acquisitions and sales and enter into strategic alliances. Our team provides clients with full international coverage and knowledge of the global industry. Every year we work on thousands of capital market transactions around the world, helping clients evaluate every moment of decision-making on mergers and acquisitions and accompanying purchase and sale transactions.
Financial expert opinion

A financial exper opinion within transaction consulting analyzes and verifies the financial assumptions underlying the corporate finance transaction. It examines the past trading experience, using it to form an idea of the future, and confirms that there are no "black holes" or prima facie errors. The components of the transactional service include:

  • Accounting for merger and acquisition transaction costs
  • Transaction due diligence of the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet
  • Revenue analysis
  • Consideration of future cash flows

Our advisory and transaction services are for both corporate and financial investors.

Property alienation services — suppliers’ due diligence

The supplier verification report is provided to all bidders, and a possible acquirer can rely on it. Our professionals provide suppliers with an independent view of the business, including its effectiveness and prospects. In general, a comprehensive supplier audit gives greater control over the sale process and the timing of the sale, which, in turn, can help render conditions more favorable.

Ecological expert opinion

A comprehensive environmental assessment identifies key environmental and social issues that are critical to creating a sustainable business and protecting shareholder value.

Legal expert opinion

Our immediate goal will be to gain an understanding of Target's legal risks. Accordingly, we will focus our work on those areas that may be of interest to investors, and on those that, in our experience, are significant cost factors in any transaction. We also provide legal support of purchase and sale transactions.

Tax audit

A comprehensive tax audit within international tax and transaction services helps to determine which tax statements / guarantees / compensations / adjustments of the purchase price are necessary to protect the buyer, as well as to obtain information useful for structuring the acquisition transaction and tax planning after the acquisition. The main focus is on assessing compliance with tax legislation in general, identifying significant historical tax risks and the possibility of tax asset recovery, and establishing tax planning opportunities.

Tax structuring

Tax transaction structuring includes the development of the most tax-efficient acquisition/disposal scheme in order to minimize and, if possible, eliminate tax leakage at the stages of the transaction. This includes an analysis of the tax consequences in each jurisdiction involved, reorganization before acquisition or disposal, structuring of the purchase price, a review of the tax effectiveness of financial structures, including jurisdiction in relation to vehicle financing, and financial modeling of the tax impact on the business.

Commercial expert opinion

A comprehensive market analysis is crucial when leaving your home territory within cross border M & A transactions. The specialized Unicase transaction support team is ready to provide a detailed analysis of the target market, as well as carefully examine your operational assumptions regarding the acquired business. We research business situations around the world, using our background in a variety of industries. Providing commercial and legal assistance with SPA transactions in Kazakhstan and other countries, we advise clients on the full range of transaction stages — from market entry, commercial and operational expert assessment to post-transaction business planning, implementation of synergies and growth strategies.

Commercial due diligence and operational due diligence:

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Client’s reference
  • Operational assessment and capability assessment
  • Overview of forecasts
  • Synergy analysis
Global capital markets
We provide services to domestic Kazakhstan and international companies interested in conducting public or private placement of securities on international capital markets, including in the EU and the USA.

Most of our clients either issue securities for the first time or conduct a second placement in order to take advantage of the financing opportunities offered by the most attractive global capital markets.

We provide support at every stage of the public offering process. We advise our clients on the specifics of the placement process through global depositary receipts (GDRs), on the rules and standard practices for public companies, and on the choice of consultants. We also provide assurance services, including audits of financial statements and reviews of financial information in prospectuses.

As part of this activity, we help companies to make their financial statements comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles of the USA (US GAAP). We also help our clients to adapt their internal control and reporting systems in accordance with the requirements and expectations for public companies.

Our key features are knowledge of standard industry practices around the world and extensive experience of our consultants. Thanks to this, we can recommend comprehensive and effective solutions for capital markets adapted to the individual profiles and specific needs of our clients.

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