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Risk is a prerequisite for growing and having competitive advantages.

Risk Assurance Services

Complex economic trends, worldwide vicissitudes and breakthrough technologies make organizations more vulnerable to risks than ever. Many are quickly adapting to this new dynamic and have implemented business continuity risk management.

An integrated approach to risks, however, should be applied, switching from reactive and compliance-oriented to proactive and predictive one implying risk surveys, risk analytics and risk modeling. Risk should be a strategic factor of showing productivity and producing added value. Unicase can help you by providing risk assurance services.

Effective enterprise risk management and business continuity planning is fundamental to achieving maximum business efficiency. Unicase helps clients implement reliable and effective operational risk management and provides ongoing managed risk services, seeing to it that our clients remain effective.

If you think that managing risk in the era of digital transformation equals choosing the most cautious path, you are missing the point. It's about enterprise wide risk assessment and planning for potential threats and opportunities, i.e. a full-fledged corporate risk assessment, which ensures that you attain your organization's goals.

Our decisions are based on our recognition that no two businesses are the same. Whatever risk management and risk assurance compliance and analytics structure exists in your organization, we will use our robust structure of risk management data analytics as the basis for a customized solution that meets your needs and provides real value.

Our services range from an objective, comprehensive study and assessment of your organization's ability for financial risk analytics management and operation risk management to recommendations on corrective processes, procedures and controls.

The Unicase Business Risk Service has adopted a uniform service delivery methodology for all BRS service offerings consistently applied worldwide and uses an approach based on internal control risk assessment, with an emphasis on audit procedures in which the risk is the highest.

In our work, we use software that assesses risks, which allows us to develop an appropriate strategy for testing internal control and timely report shortcomings and weaknesses of internal control and corporate risk in treasury management.

Our main activities include:

  1. Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC):
  • Internal audit, which is the elimination of corporate risks while improving business efficiency
  • Sox compliance consulting
  • Risk management, including geopolitical risk consulting and corporate compliance risk assessment services
2. Assurance services
  • Sox 404 audit assistance
  • IT audit support
  • Risk management in manufacturing industries, treasury risk management in banks and fintech risk management
3. IT services
  • IT risk governance
  • Cyber risk consulting
4. Forensic accounting expert opinions
5. Optimization of business processes
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