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Kazakhstan is also currently feeling the impact of the financial crisis and the global economic downturn, since the combined effect of falling demand for oil and other commodities and reducing liquidity continues to affect other industries.

In the current market conditions, it is very difficult to refinance debt or raise new funds, and many borrowers will not be able to fulfill their debt obligations. Early detection and quick, decisive action are needed to restore productivity and cost. That's why timely professional advice is crucial.

Unicase's business recovery specialists help companies and their creditors by providing practical and commercially oriented solutions.

Business Recovery Services

Unicase can help company stakeholders find a solution by performing an individual objective assessment of the situation in the company and options for correcting the situation or restoring from their realized risks. Our thorough review spans current and prospective financial indicators, operational dynamics, management and asset allocation issues. We then identify a number of options based on our findings.

We often conduct such checks for banks, bondholders and other financial stakeholders around the world. The result is an independent and in-depth assessment of the situation in the company and decisions aimed at preserving and increasing value for all stakeholders.

Independent business review

Troubled debt restructuring

When a company is experiencing difficulties with cash flows, relations with creditors and suppliers often become strained. We help companies meet the demands of their creditors by assisting in the preparation and presentation of information, as well as coordinating or agreeing on a debt modification agreement. This allows the management to focus on doing business and improving operational performance.

Lenders and other interested parties should understand the situation of the business and be convinced that its prospects are attractive enough to continue their support, providing a reasonable debt discount. Working with independent external financial advisors is often necessary to restructure a troubled debt, especially when multiple creditors are involved.

Accelerated mergers and acquisitions

For companies under pressure from profitability or cash flow issues, selling a business or assets may be the most appropriate option to raise funds for extinguishment of debt. A voluntary sale of a business or assets usually yields more than a forced sale. We provide services for accelerated debt financing in Kazakhstan and other countries.

Unicase can act as a lead consultant in preparing a business for sale, and then advise and manage the sale process on behalf of the company. To facilitate a successful sale, it is necessary to establish clear guidelines regarding the timing and results of the sale process.

Operational restructuring

Any restructuring usually implies operational restructuring. We can help develop a plan to improve the operational performance of the company and, consequently, free up additional cash to support the business and to service the debt. Such measures may include working capital management, overhead reduction, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

We carefully calculate all plausible options. We work with management, creditors and other stakeholders to develop an action plan and gather the resources necessary for the effective implementation of this plan.

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