Trade Route Revival for Chinese Business Law Journal

As the global geopolitical environment has changed and China's ambitious investment strategies have brought the resource-rich countries of Central Asia up, the Middle East and North Africa are getting closer to Beijing. 

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of China-Kazakhstan diplomatic relations, strongly expressing the high mutual trust between the two countries and the high-level nature of the Kazakhstani-Chinese strategic alliance. Following President Xi Jinping's visit to Astana on the afternoon of September 14, during his state visit to Kazakhstan, documents on bilateral cooperation in areas such as economy and trade, communications, finance, water and media were signed by the respective departments of the two sides.

In this regard, Ms Saniya Perzadayeva, the Partner of Unicase, a leading law firm in Kazakhstan, was very happy to speak about the importance of public-private partnerships, and how they can be a viable long-term tool for infrastructure projects in several sectors of the economy. The briefing was tailor-made for the China Business Law Journal, covering the article «Trade Route Revival»