Социальный Проект для Детей

CoronaWinners volunteers with the support of the Public Fund "Young architects and builders" and the World Bank raised one of the most pressing issues in Central Asia, particularly in Kazakhstan.

We ask you to take part in a charitable action aimed at reducing the level of poverty in the Almaty region, in particular - in the regions of Tuzdybastau, Karaoi and Zhetygen. We intend to purchase the necessary educational devices for children from these areas: laptops, headphones and a computer mouse. We are aware of the critical needs that affect the quality of education and the attendance of online lessons, when several students in a large family are forced to use one computer.

A social project for children is our contribution to the future of children in Kazakhstan. Today, approximately 10,000 families and 30,000 children in the Almaty region are considered low income. The goal of this social project is to raise funds for the purchase of essential items for online learning such as laptops, computers, and components. Thus, the project will unite like-minded people who are not indifferent to education, and will give a piece of kindness coming from the heart. In addition, donations will be directed to the most vulnerable segments of the population to allocate resources using the VKI and provide technical support. We are committed to volunteering for families and children after the end of the project, monitoring their progress, involving children in an online book club and providing an opportunity to gain basic programming knowledge.