Advising the foreign embassy on providing the full legal support in corporate law, and on material contracts and liabilities.

Unicase is a long-time legal consultant to the foreign embassy in Kazakhstan providing the full legal support in respect of the legal issues, such as a corporate law, labour as well as material contracts and liabilities. Unicase provided legal advice in respect of the main terms and conditions of signing the lease agreement.

Unicase has also advised on revising the ‘HANDBOOK ON LOCAL STAFF TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE’ for all members of the local staff of the foreign embassy offices in Kazakhstan. The handbook was drawn up in accordance with regulations and instructions applicable to all diplomatic mission’s worldwide and local labour law. The booklet was designed to supplement the Contract issued to all staff upon entry.

The services of Unicase included advising on milestone issues that shall be included to the Handbook. For instance, the termination procedures, compensatory amounts, recruitment requirements, etc. In addition, the Handbook included financial issues related to employment (salary review, obligatory payment, social security payments, etc.)

24 Октября, 2021