Main Amendements to the Legislation on Licensing Activities in Uzbekistan

In recent years, Uzbekistan has taken far-reaching measures to improve the business and investment climate, eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic barriers, and improve outdated procedures that do not meet modern requirements.

Along with the changes, the Presidential Decree on the abolition and improvement of a number of procedures for licensing various activities has also entered into force.

Starting from January 1, 2021, certain types of licensed activities and documents of a permissive nature are canceled, including by combining and implementing a notification procedure.

Notification procedure means that the subject does not need a decision of the authorized body to start an activity or perform an action, but must send a notification confirming its compliance with the established requirements and conditions. This compliance is checked during the document submission process, as a priority, without human intervention. Licenses and permits issued for the activity under which the notification procedure is being implemented will continue to operate – their owners will not have to send a notification.

Starting from January 1, 2021:

1. the terms of registration of certain licenses and permits are cancelled:

  • Permit to attract foreign labor;
  • Coordination of a set of measures to improve the financial condition of the insurer;
  • Certificate for the right to conduct audits of banks;
  • Conclusion of expertise on projects and works on acceptance into operation of facilities, products and technologies in terms of their compliance with the established requirements in the field of railway transport;
  • Coordination of the use in production of technical solutions to extend the service life of locomotives, freight and isothermal cars;
  • Coordination of the project for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing enterprises related to the use of water resources and the discharge of drainage and wastewater;
  • Coordination of design, construction, reconstruction of buildings and structures, water supply systems, sewerage and wastewater treatment, hydraulic structures, other facilities for compliance with sanitary standards, rules and hygiene standards;
  • Permission to design, build or purchase, install, commission and use cable television networks;
  • Permission to engage in coaching activities;
  • Passport of a health and fitness or sports facility.

2. All types of licenses and permits, letters of acceptance of notifications and their inclusion in the register are issued by putting a QR code that allows you to check their authenticity online. Accordingly, the registration of these documents on special forms is canceled, except in cases stipulated by international agreements;

3. The main authorized body independently receives additional documents or conducts coordination with other agencies through the "License" system, the business entity does not participate in this;

4. If the license holder submits an application for another license in the same field, he / she shall only provide the licensing authority with information confirming additional license requirements and conditions.