Centralized Database for Foreigners

It was adopted the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No.539 dated September 4, 2020 “On measures to further improve the mechanisms for collecting, processing and storing information about foreign legal entities operating on the basis of a representative office, branch or permanent establishment and individuals engaged in business activities”.

On the first stage, to create a single centralized information source about foreign legal and individual persons engaged in entrepreneurial activities, as well as electronic interdepartmental interaction when rendering of state services, it was approved:

  • The regulation on establishing and maintaining a single centralized database on foreign legal entities carrying out activities on the basis of representative office, branch or permanent establishment and the physical persons performing business activity;
  • Classifier and lists of information for use in a Centralized Database.

Secondly, the Decree defines the following:

  • The State Tax Committee is responsible for maintaining and forming a Centralized database;
  • The centralized database is created on the basis of a unified information and resource base of tax authorities. funding is provided by the state tax service's project to modernize the data processing center and widely introduce modern concepts in tax administration;
  • Responsible state agencies (Annex to the Decree) enter and update the relevant data and classifiers in the e-government information database in accordance with the Regulation on the procedure for forming and maintaining the register of data and classifiers of e-government, as well as the use of unified classifiers (Decree No.444 dated 16.07.2020).

The State Tax Committee with the Ministry for the development of information technologies and communications will ensure the transfer of information about registered and accredited legal entities to a centralized database through interdepartmental electronic interaction:

  • Non-governmental non-profit organizations, law offices, and firms, bar associations;
  • banks, credit bureaus, and representative offices of foreign banks;
  • diplomatic missions, consular offices of foreign countries, representative offices of international organizations;
  • representative offices of foreign commercial organizations.

Thus, departments and committees were instructed to make a number of changes and innovations before January 1, 2021, which means that it is planned to introduce a centralized database from the new year.

Автор: Любовь Тигай