Our lawyers contributed into the development of over 90 fundamental laws and codes of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Relying on a network of business contacts in Kazakhstan and a profound understanding of the existing legislative framework, Unicase advises on more than 100 projects annually. We understand all the practical intricacies of the legal regulation of the key sectors as well as the practicalities of government relations in Kazakhstan. Unicase contributes to the development and improvement of key legislation alongside the relevant ministries, Parliament, the Constitutional Council and the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as international donors and international financial institutions.

Our services

  • Legal advice on the development of draft laws
  • Development of in-depth reports, justifying the need for proposed legislative amendments to the Ministry of Justice and other ministries
  • Консультирование в отношении процедуры принятия закона или внесения изменений в закон
  • Legal concept development