PPP in Healthcare: Critical issues. Best Practice and Kazakh Realities


Today, because of a shortage of budgetary funds development of PPP in Kazakhstan is considered as an important element of the new economic policy, not only to raise funds to the infrastructure but also as a way of improving the efficiency and quality of medical services.

The advantages of the PPP model have resulted in the active development of PPP in Kazakhstan in past decades. Although the transport and energy sectors used PPP, it is widely implemented in healthcare, education, telecommunications, utilities, and municipal sectors with a different level of success.

Kazakhstan being a developing country faces many challenges while developing infrastructure based on the PPP model. Despite significant improvements in PPP project implementation and overall positive dynamics, there are still several matters to deal with.

PPP’s legal framework is one fundamental of the effective implementation and progressive development of PPP both in Kazakhstan and in any other country.

Taking into consideration that PPP in Kazakhstan is under development, legal regulation of this cooperation between the state and business is also developing and definitely requires modernization on many directions, without which the PPP development in Kazakhstan can be seriously obstructed.

PPP in healthcare: Critical issues. Best Practice and Kazakh Realities