Oil and Gas and Mining

The oil and gas and mining sectors remain the core of Kazakhstan’s economy and the centre of investors’ attention. The Privatization of the refinery assets and further corporate transformation of the sector companies helps further

Unicase has specialized expertise in the oil and gas and mining sectors, which have been the firm’s key practice since 2010. A significant number of industrial projects involving foreign investors and local companies were implemented with the support of Unicase lawyers. Our team is engaged in sector-specific legislation drafting, cooperates with sector ministries and agencies. Supporting major sector projects, our experts represent the interests of state agencies, financial institutions, investors and project developers.

Our services

  • Advising on obtaining/transfer/pledge subsoil use rights
  • Advising on protection of private investments, land use, construction and environmental protection
  • Advising on oil&gas/mining operations (upstream and downstream)
  • Advising and support on the state priority right’s waiver and the competent authority’s consent for the alienation of subsoil use rights
  • Advising on tax planning, foreign currency exchange risks, insurance risks and transfer pricing
  • Advising on tax planning, exchange risks and insurance, transfer pricing
  • Advising on local content and procurement
  • Advising on M&A transactional issues with respect to oil and gas and mining assets
  • Advising on licencing and certification
  • Representation in pre-trial proceedings, litigation and arbitration